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r_lawrence ♡ 71 ( +1 | -1 )
How accurate do YOU feel ... the rating funtions on the Chessmaster CD's are?

I've never played an OTB rated game in my life. I read books, practice, look over tutorial cd's, play on-line, play unrated otb games with friends, etc.

I have Chessmaster 6000 ... it allows you to play computer generated players with different ratings and personalities. 20 games, and you get a rating. It also has the RATE MY PLAY function, in which you play through some old grandmaster games by picking the moves YOU think should come next. At the end, depending on your accuracy, it rates you.

I was wondering if anyone here with official OTB ratings have used these functions, and could give me an idea as to their accuracy. Thanks!
peppe_l ♡ 2 ( +1 | -1 )
Why not Give OTB chess a try? :-)
chuckventimiglia ♡ 89 ( +1 | -1 )
Roland hello!! The ratings that programs like Chessmaster assign
are very roughly equivalent to an OTB rating but
there are several variables. For one, you know you are playing a friendly adversary, chessmaster. In OTB you have to learn to focus your mind solely on the game and not on your opponent, the clock or onlookers. Therefore I think you would fare better against Chessmaster than in OTB so therefore the
Chessmaster rating would be higher than OTB.
For the same reason, correspondence chess ratings aregenerally a little higher than OTB.

Practicing your openings, mid and endgame
strategies against chessmaster will do well
for you but until you enter the world of OTB
you will never really know how the two compare.

Practicing your chess either by program or
OTB is always good. I know that in your case
the program is the only way you have to go.
Keep it up, you can only improve your game.
tulkos ♡ 4 ( +1 | -1 )
It's not accurate, once you get over the 1000 hump.
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brankort ♡ 15 ( +1 | -1 )
Hello Roland & Chuck I have the CM 8000(i know..i gotta study the openings:)...but with all the different levels and tutorials...its a wonderful tool. Now i jus gotta get handy wit tools:)
pawntificator ♡ 116 ( +1 | -1 )
I think OTB rtaing would be higher, because you can use other tactics, intimidation tactics. I always wear white rubber gloves when I play. I tell my opponent it's so I don't get contaminated by the game. I bring a cushion to sit on that makes me 6 inches taller in the chair. When it is my turn I take my time and I wear really dark glasses. When it is my opponents turn I take off the glasses and stare intently at him or her. I have a friend I take with me that every 10 or 20 minutes comes up to me and hands me a small piece of folded paper that I study intently for a few moments, and then place face down next to the board. By the end of the game I have a nice little stack of blank pieces of paper. Flaring my nostrils has an interesting effect. Sometimes I bring a book or novel to read as if the game is trivial. When I make a move I put one finger on the rank and one finger on the file so that it appears I am trying to figure out what the algebraic notation for a certain square is. But the most effective diversionary tactic is this: everytime my opponent captures a piece or pawn of mine, I take off an article of clothing.

PS please don't believe a word of that.