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wschmidt ♡ 92 ( +1 | -1 )
Novice Nook # 51 This week's article is entitles "Evaluation Quiz". After a brief discussion, Heisman presents 8 problem positions and asks you to evaluate them. Here the test is not detailed analysis, just an understanding of which side is better and why. The judgement call that results in a "+", "=" "+/=" sign or something similar. I haven't looked at the problems yet, so can't comment on them, but I'll get to them this weekend.

After the answers there's a response to a reader question about how best to study tactics. The particular question deals with CT-ART 3.0 and how best to use it. Heisman is a believer in repetition of basic drills for most of us. I tend to agree - repetition of complex tactics is probably not all that useful. Basic drills is like dribbling and layups in basketball - even the pros keep doing it and doing it.

Here's the link: ->
ionadowman ♡ 53 ( +1 | -1 )
Interesting test... On the whole I did OK evaluating who was better (one Heisman gave as "unclear" I gave to White marginally, but then I like to attack!), but it was the "by how much" that I didn't do so well, tending to underestimate this. But ##7 and 8 were interesting, getting one of them exactly right almost at a glance, and the other completely wrong (for pretty much the reasons that Heisman identified - but I also overlooked the immediate move [quel horreur!]). For the moment I won't identify which, as others will no doubt want to give it a go...
Fascinating article!