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masros ♡ 35 ( +1 | -1 )
Does corr chess inflict your life? Yes for me..
1.Not enough sleep
2.Always worry about time out
3.Depressed when made a blunder move
4.Feel restless when no internet connection
5.24/7 chess is in my chess,work chess,sleep chess.All I do is chess,chess and chess
6.No time for OTB chess

Is this sign and sympton that I'm addicted to corr chess?
tim_b ♡ 13 ( +1 | -1 )
possibly Hi Masros,

I usually ask myself periodically if I am really enjoying it, it's pointless if I'm not. If the answer is no, I know some change is needed.


ganstaman ♡ 69 ( +1 | -1 )
Well, I'd recommend not playing 83 games at a time to start off with. I couldn't imagine having a life outside of chess if I had to juggle that many games.

Or maybe just take a long postponement for no reason other than to stop playing chess for a while. Relax. Realize that if this site disappeared tomorrow, your life could go on (but please don't disappear tomorrow,

It seems like this site is starting to negatively affect your daily life. But you recognize that this may be a problem, so I think you should take action now before you do lose control. And again, 83 games -- how do you manage not to blunder on every board?
magna68 ♡ 44 ( +1 | -1 )
Yes Masros, those are for sure symptons of addiction. I don't understand players that manage to play over 30 games at a time. Over 50, and the player must be sick! :-) I once was playing 28 games at the same time and it took all my spare time. I now play only 10 games max, and feel much better about it. Enjoying each game much more.
Take a break and then trim it down.

ionadowman ♡ 99 ( +1 | -1 )
I have 8 games going right now ... ... and that's as many as I can handle. But it all depends how much time you want to devote to the game. It seems that as a youth, Paul Keres had something well over 150 games going at once. Of course, the turnaround was a deal slower! But he was using the games to hone his imagination.
Is chess an addiction or an obsession? My own experience indicates it was the latter for me in my younger years. Gradually, I'm not sure why - it might have been a number of niggling annoyances, or it might have been the more beguiling attractions of miniatures wargaming - the obsession wore off. This happened with Corr. Chess rather faster than with OTB. With other things going on in my life, Corr. Chess became a chore. OTB, I'd play for a few months in any year then just have to take a break for several months. Finally, after an hiatus of over 15 years - punctuated by quite a few pick-up games - a friend introduced me to GK. Much the same pattern seems to be emerging here, too...
ccmcacollister ♡ 5 ( +1 | -1 )
MASROS; you need to get some HELP !! ... if you cannot STILL find time for OTB Chess !
muppyman ♡ 24 ( +1 | -1 )
I have to confess, the game is an addiction to me. I have over 30 games going here and I play on 4 other sites as well as otb at our local chess club. Fortunately this leaves me no time available for smoking, drinking, gambling, or blasphemous utterances.
tag1153 ♡ 70 ( +1 | -1 )
hmmmm....... I've only got about 80 games going right now, but have carried 100 numerous times over the last 2.5 years - and I am totally sane. You can ask my, bad example. You could ask my friends.......well, ok I have no friends. Oh yeah - ask the pizza delivery guy....I spend about 30 seconds each and every day talking to him. He fully understands that I cannot be bothered with things such as friends, a social life, or real responsibility. All of those are detrimental to my relationship with GameKnot.

Slave to Caissa
ganstaman ♡ 37 ( +1 | -1 )
Honest question to those who play an insane amount of games at once: how much time do you typically spend analyzing a position to determine the best move? Once you find it, do you make it right away, or leave yourself a note and reanalyze the next day to make sure you still agree with yourself and didn't miss something huge?
tag1153 ♡ 79 ( +1 | -1 )
gangstaman All jokes aside - I play two kinds of games. League games, mini tournaments, and individual challenges I usually play at a rapid fire pace (3-5 min per move), while team games and the GK tourneys I play at a much slower pace (30 min or so per move). I just like the variety. In the first set only, I would put my rating at around 1400). In the second set, I would put my rating around 1600. True, sometimes I get blown away in the first 20 moves, but I also get streaks of brilliance (at least I feel brilliant:) such as making the final round of GK #22. All in all, I just truly enjoy all forms and varieties of chess, and I just want to play as much as I can before I shuffle off this mortal coil...........

friki ♡ 31 ( +1 | -1 )
Balance I play corr chess here on this site because my OTB games are usually semi-blitz (20-25 minutes) and I feel I need a balance. Corr chess gives me a contrast as well as an oppurtunity to practise certain elements of the game (improving your endgame isn't easy in blitz for example.
i_play_slowly ♡ 234 ( +1 | -1 )
Chess as Addiction Gambling is now referred to in the literature as a 'process addiction', as opposed to heroin, alcohol, etc., which are substance addictions. I suspect that chess, like gambling, is a process addiction.
1) Do you find that chess playing results in failure to fulfil other major roles in life at work, school, or home, e.g., absent from work, or poor work performance due to preoccupation with chess, poor marks or expulsion from school due to chess, neglect of children or pets, failure to cook, clean, shop, pay bills, etc.?
2) Have you continued playing chess during persistent social or interpersonal problems that it causes? Does it lead to arguments with friends and family? Has it led to divorce, separation, or aleination from your spouse? Are you distancing yourself from friends? Have you ever felt angry with friends or family who suggested that you cut down or stop playing?
3) Have you played chess or been preoccupied with it when you were doing something dangerous? Have you played chess while driving, or operating machinery? Has thinking about chess almost caused road accidents? Has chess affected your health, e.g., poor eating, insufficient exercise, over weight or under weight?
4) Have you often spent more time playing chess than you intended? Did you ever intend to make a few moves, but end up playing for hours? Have you missed work, family gatherings, or social engagements that you had intended to go to?
5) Have you frequently attempted to reduce the number of games you play, or the time you spend playing, but were unable to do so?
6) Is the time you spend playing increasing?
7) Have you sacrificed other interests for chess? Did you have plans for a better education, marriage plans, or career advancement that were sacrificed for chess? Have you sacrificed hobbies or other pastimes?
8) Do you persist in playing even though it causes chronic guilt, depression, or anxiety?
9) If you did try to stop, did you have trouble sleeping? Did you feel anxious, agitated, sweaty, trembling?
If you answered, "Yes," to 3 or more of these nine questions, it's probably time to stop, or at least talk to a therapist. Warning: cutting down is a waste of time, the same as cutting down cigarettes or alcohol. Just stop.
interstate8 ♡ 172 ( +1 | -1 )
Masros I believe I have the same problem as you, I have a totally addictive and competitive personality and I tend to let games somewhat take over my life. Moreso for video-games but I've also let chess creep into the picture as well.

I had those exact "symptoms" you mentioned for correspondence chess. Well actually it was really an accelerated version of them. When I first started playing here 3 months ago I quickly started up 100 games just because I could. It only took a couple weeks for me to realize that it was becoming more of a chore than a game for me. I was constantly worrying about keeping up with all of them, and even found myself dreaming about them. lol (tell me thats not weird). What happened next? Well take a look at my ratings graph. I sort of snapped after making a blunder move and crashed all of my games. I am by NO MEANS recommending this since it is against GK rules (I didn't know it at the time although it does make perfect sense), but I just got the overwhelming sense that correspondence chess was taking over too much of my life, and this was just in the first couple of weeks...

Since then I've just been trying to take it easy, not playing anymore than 8 - 10 games at a time and I've been enjoying it much more. I like the idea that someone else already posted - use a postponement to step away from the game a bit, and when you return slowly start to get your game count down to a manageable level.

If this doesn't work for you, then I would suggest perhaps taking more serious action like what "i_play_slowly" recommended.
javel ♡ 37 ( +1 | -1 )
I am vey interrested by the question Masros ask because it is a very honest way to describe himself ,about the answer I just can say that chess is nice ,gameknot very interresting but that's not life so when it's becoming sometime to take too much time for me i take a rest and took other hobbies .maybe also the best recommandation is : don't play too much games.
ccmcacollister ♡ 221 ( +1 | -1 )
Other Hobbies(aka 'some slow-forum scribblings') Good point javel . I like to have several divergent interests at the same time; which usually ends up with some form of Chess being the main one. Often the other will be guitar playing. (Actually it may be more apt to say 'playing with a guitar' or playing at it; at my "skill" level. The greatest compliment ever came from my wife who heard one of my recordings then said with sincerity, "I didn't know it was You!"... as if someone untonedeaf had actually played it :)
However, I tire of fixing short-circuits after about 3 years of 'play'. (Amps often function 3 years, sometimes more; guitars re-solder yearly at best; cords ... well I think 3 months would be a world-record of longevity!?) Then hang-up that hobby a couple years, then start all over again; knowing a little more but playing a little worse after each progression.
Hopefully your Chess addiction will not follow that prognosis, masros !
I know a few other longtime Chess tournament players who will alternate it with Darts, Backgammon, or Poker; as being the chief interest for a time. Then coming back to Chess, but all three have actually given it up almost completely for their Other hobby; something I have Never done ... except during my first year of college (self-explanatory, yes? :) . Then it was back home to civilization for the 2nd year, and Chess time resumed accordingly.
It did seem there were certain peak times for Chess tho. Being immersed in study &
otb clubs & tournaments, age 12 To 16(when obvious interference comes again!) or so. Whereas Corr Chess seems to fit in very well from the 2nd to 8th year of marriage.... after which it can take a year or more to find a girlfriend with a better attitude toward the game (...and toward Chess players in general) ! ..... }B-D
PS// However, it is WELL worth a wait of years to find a GK Chess player to marry ... and I highly recommend it~! }8-))
sf115 ♡ 14 ( +1 | -1 )
play slower matches. Instead of 3 days a move try 14 days a move. Then you will stop worring about timeouts
greenrat777 ♡ 88 ( +1 | -1 )
does corr chess inflick yor life ? interesting stuff there i_play _slowly . i play a lot of chess . am i addicted 2 it ? i dont think so but i would miss it if i had 2 quit . b 4 i played correspondent chess i played a lot of computer chess and some chess on a board against people . i used 2 bet a lot on horses and games but i never lost much money. then i got tired of betting and dont bet any more . i have never bet on chess . im not sure if a addiction is a bad thing 2 have if it does not cost a lot of money or harm the health . i know some people that have enough money 2 retire and say they would get bored if they quit work . may b they r addicted 2 work . some people say they could not live without there religion . may b they r addicted 2 religion . seems like most people r addicted 2 some thing and chess in my mind is the best addiction 2 have .
caro-kann ♡ 97 ( +1 | -1 )
I guess this may not have much of an effect on me, cos I only play 7 games at a time, no need to have prem. subscription. I try to be optimistic, if I make a rather bad blunder, I remind myself that there are still 5 other games in which I can easily recuperate from my loss and that keeps me happy and may even help me to play better in my other games. As for OTB chess, I find it a good way to improve my quick thinking "chess mind" even when I only play it once a week or something. However, ever since I got partially "obsessed" with GK, I've noticed a drop in my OTB games.

P.S I seem to be better at Corr. chess than OTB, because mainly of the longer thinking times I get, whereas in OTB, I feel a tendency to move at least once every 10 seconds, thus in Corr. chess I explore more possibilities and think further ahead while in OTB, it's more about making sure everything is protected and moving to a safe square.

dysfl ♡ 119 ( +1 | -1 )
more than 40 games at once by a patzer I play about 30-40 games at a time. I got addicted, I agree. I switched my addiction from mindless surfing the net to GK. I tried FICS, and I could not find my own time even for 30-minutes as a chunk. Marriage changes your life for good.

How I can play about 40 games? Usually, 10 games or more are in a postponed state by the opponent. And about 10 would have 5 or more day control. So, half of the 40 are not my turn. About 10 games active are in opening stages, where I can respond in 10-30 seconds as I got only two opening lines, one for WT and the other for BL. So actually, it's 10 games at a time. In here, I spend only 1-5 minutes a board, which explains the blunders I make so often.

I know that I'm not playing a 'real' chess. I don't think I would ever be able to play a real one. I learned something from my 'Go' (Wigi) days that I should spend more time enjoying the game as a patzer than trying to learn how to mimic the master's move. That's my excuse to remain as a patzer playing more games than I can handle.

Back to the subject, I would spend 10-20 minutes when I'm busy. In weekends, it could be up to two hours if I add up all the times playing 4 to 6 really interactive boards.
i_play_slowly ♡ 239 ( +1 | -1 )
greenrat777 Re: "i play a lot of chess. am i addicted 2 it?" Let's put things in perspective. The person who started this thread presently has 89 games in progress; you have 6 games in progress. Compared with him, or even with me, you are not playing 'a lot of chess'.
Re: "am i addicted 2 it? i dont think so but i would miss it if i had 2 quit." You are probably not addicted to chess. No one is saying that the criteria for addiction includes missing the activity when it is unavailable. The important question is not, 'Would I miss this pastime if I had to quit?' but 'Is this pastime destroying the quality of my life overall?'
Re: "im not sure if a addiction is a bad thing 2 have if it does not cost a lot of money or harm the health." What about if your pastime is ruining your marriage and your friendships, or keeping you from forming relationships with anything other than little pieces of wood, or standing in the way of you and what you always wanted to be, or making your life an emotional roller coaster of rage, anxiety, superiority one moment, inferiority the next? I know a person whose pets died because he became so preoccupied with his pastime that he stopped feeding them. It didn't cost a lot of money or harm his health, but perhaps he had a problem.
Re: "i know some people that have enough money 2 retire and say they would get bored if they quit work. may b they r addicted 2 work." I knew people at the factory who were constantly begging for other people's overtime, not for the money, but just for the work. They had no emotional connection to home or family. After 16 hours, the supervisors would send them home. Some people love their work and would miss it; they are not necessarilly workaholics, but there are workaholics in the world. The question, again, is: Does the pastime destroy the quality of life overall?
Re: "some people say they could not live without there religion." Just as there is a difference between loving your work and workaholism, there is a difference between loving your religion and religiosity.
Re: "seems like most people r addicted 2 some thing." That's true only if you use the word so loosely that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Loving or enjoying something is not an addiction, and most people who are genuinely addicted to something have long since ceased to love it. For them, the party's pretty much over.
greenrat777 ♡ 77 ( +1 | -1 )
i_ play_ slowly good answers there i play slowly . about me only having 6 games on this site . i used 2 have the 12 free games . then i had over 30 on another site and over 40 on yet another site . i got over 2000 games mostly 10 or 12 min time limits per game on yahoo . i have played chess on over 10 sites on the net . i also have had a lot of portable battery operated chess programs . also every chessmaster from 300 to 9000 plus the classic edition . just cut down on the games a bit so that my win % would go a little higher . dont like when i lose more games than i win . go a little crazy and thats when they show up with the strait jacket . not going 2 let that happen again.
ccmcacollister ♡ 17 ( +1 | -1 )
They say ... It is 'not an addiction' if something does not cause a dysfunctional disruption of ones ability to live their life more or less 'normally'. Then it is just habit ... ! }8-)