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gibo ♡ 58 ( +1 | -1 )
downloading games in pgn Normally when i download games in pgn a little icon pops up i just click "save" i then save it to my desktop. Once its finished i can easily find it in my fritz 7 database then copy it to my main database. But i have noticed several pgn downloads where the icon does not pop up. e.g. here when i click on pgn the games come out as if in microsoft word format. How can i save these games to my database on fritz 7.
soikins ♡ 21 ( +1 | -1 )
It works to me... at least in tha site you linked, but something similar happens elsewhere. Try using the left mouse button and choose "Save target as" from the menu that will pop up.
Hope that helps.
silverwolfwsc ♡ 6 ( +1 | -1 )
that would be the RIGHT mouse button actually. Just for clarification.
gibo ♡ 10 ( +1 | -1 )
it still saves it in a text form which my fritz 7 doesn't seem to be able to pick up
soikins ♡ 152 ( +1 | -1 )
right, it's the right mouse button...
Well, if it saves as a text form, so probably that's how the games are posted on that site :( That is a pity.
Then you'll need to work harder on that problem, using good old Notepad.
Step one: place an empty (or unnecessary) pgn file on your desktop (save it with Fritz or use some old pgn games from which you won't need.
Step two: not obligatory, but just to make things easier in the future you should paste a link to Notepad.exe in Windows/SendTo folder.
Step three: (if you suceeded in pasting Notepad in SendTo folder), click the RIGHT mouse button on the pgn icon on the desktop, pick SendTo from the popup and then pick Notepad. The file will be opened with Notepad. Do the same with the downloaded text file with the games. Then just copy the games to the pgn file and save them with Notepad.
Step Three (if you didn't suceed in pasting Notepad in the SendTo folder), you should open Notepad from (Start/Programs/Aceessories/Notepad) and then from Notepad you should open the pgn file on your desktop. Open an other Notepad application and with that you should open the downloaded text file. Then copy the text from the downloaded file to the Notepad where the pgn is opened, save the pgn file and open it with Fritz. The games should be there.
hope that helps. It's easier than the explanation :)))
gibo ♡ 36 ( +1 | -1 )
thanks for the help there is actually something minor i missed. for any others having the problem once i pressed "save target as" i then agreed to save it as a "txt. document" with notedpad not realising there was another option. At the bottom of the icon you can also chose "all files" insted of "txt. document" this was then able to save it in a pgn file.